Steps 1 The Application

Submit your certification application by e-mail specifying:

1. company name,


5.telephone and you want to be written on the certificate,

7. Director/General Manager, or other Name

Steps 2  Self-assessment

We will send you a checklist referring to the standard required for certification.

Honest self-assessment is required, because our process is based on trust.



Steps 3 Remote audit

We engage an auditor who evaluates your self-assessment and issues a report.

Based on your statements, we will indicate your weaknesses that you will have to solve in the following year.

Payment of the service

Step 4 Issue of the certificate

The Certification Manager deliberates and issues the certificate which is valid for three years.

The three-year surveillance plan is also issued with the certificate


How To Get Certified
PDF – 627.9 KB 717 downloads

How to get an IAF / MLA accredited and recognized certificate (Ukas or IAS)

If you have a documented management system you can apply for certification.

  1. Application for certification
  2. Offering the service and signing the certification contract with the certification body partner
  3. Auditor assignment, and remote audit planning
  4. Stage 1 (documentary analysis)
  5. Stage 2 (evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system)
  6. Certification Decision
  7. Payment
  8. Issue of the certificate
  9. three-year program of audits